Choose to Be a Spiritual Warrior​

Lean on God's Law to Govern Your Life, Health, and Relationships

Clarity & Commitment

Consistency & Confidence

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Sound Familiar?

The Struggle Feels Real

Feeling Limited

Do limiting beliefs and negative self talk hold you back? Or do problems keep you from the life you want?

Full of Self-Doubt

Do you lack self confidence and a sense of purpose? Do you question who you are and what’s next? 

Feeling Lost

Don’t know which way to go? Question your ability to choose? Feel unclear about life and your direction?

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I Understand. I've been there.

Lisa Taylor, CS
Christian Science Practitioner, Speaker, Author

After three different careers, I still felt pulled to follow the calling on my life! I resisted commitment and struggled to know next steps? On the floor in tears, I reached out to God with all my heart. The answer was clear, “You work for Me!” I listened, and followed.

Fast forward to today and I’m living the life of my dreams working for God. I’ve studied Divine Science my whole life and trusted Love’s guidance for more than 50 years. Now it is my honor to support others on this path – to live by the Law of God, be guided by Love instead of fear, know their true self, and break free from limitation. My gift is to see your God-given perfection so you can see it too, find healing, and live your best life.

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Ready to Be a Spiritual Warrior?​

This Choice Matters gives you the tools you need to be a Spiritual Warrior, to take a stand for Truth and live the life you were designed to live. You and fellow seekers Look Up to your higher power, Look In to see your true self, and Look Out on others as good. Find clarity about God and self, consistency in a daily spiritual practice, and the confidence to lean on divine law when facing life, health, financial, relationship, or career challenges.  

Be a Spiritual Warrior

The path is clear. Will you take the step? The choice is yours.

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