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Private Session

If you’ve ever wondered what a straight-talking spiritual practitioner sounds like, now’s your chance! I am a Christian Science practitioner on a mission to make this a practical healing approach for you. Bring any issues you’re facing to the table and let’s talk about what it would look like to see things from a spiritual perspective, be governed by divine law, and find healing.

What would you pay for an office visit with a professional practitioner? I’ve got you. Your first call is my gift to you! All you need to do is book your PRIVATE SESSION, bring your questions or desires for healing to the table, and you’ll see how taking a spiritual approach will bring healing.

This is a time for us to chat about where you are and what you need. The intent of this time together is healing. With a shifted perspective based in Divine Law, you will see the reality of your own divine nature which will then be expressed in your life. This is Science, proven, demonstrable, divine law in action. When you see your true self, you can be your true self. I’m honored to meet with you. If you are serious about making a change and finding healing, book your Private Session now.

If nothing works with your schedule, click here to contact me.

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